118 Old Ewu Road,
Aviation Estate,
Lagos, Nigeria.


Our Business Vision:

To dominate the market for provision of custom consultancy and wealth advisory solutions to clients in Nigeria and along the West African Coast.
To redefine and dominate the niche market for customized financial planning and wealth management solutions to Individuals.

Wealth Management

Uncertainty of economic markets, unique circumstances, and the myriad of available financial products has created a need for a financial road map as a plan to achieve desired objectives. There is a need for focus and structure in the creation and management of wealth including the anticipation of unforeseen circumstances that could favour or adversely affect individuals and businesses. We apply a tailored process that suits you and your unique circumstances. In designing solutions, we utilise both local and international financial products with discretion, cordiality, and efficient methods…

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Our team partners with our clients to help navigate their markets, identify opportunities, provide guidance for improved performance and profitability.

Our Services include:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Operations Management
  • Financial Management
  • Long-Term Debt and Solvency Analysis
  • Business Valuation
  • Business Turnarounds
  • Employee sourcing and People Practice

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Training & Development

The level of knowledge and service requirements for businesses, markets and clients has become a significant factor in the demand for service quality and expectations. Businesses, markets and client needs are continuously evolving, necessitating the need to utilise bespoke practices that beneficially impact all parties. We aim to optimise human resource performance levels in alignment with corporate objectives. We do this by providing clients with a comprehensive and current industry standard training that enhances professional efficiency. Delivering training programmes using global best practices.

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